LifeGuard 360 Review

LifeGuard 360Preserve The Sanctity Of Your Home!

If you’re reading this, you know that crime continues to be on the rise. Homes are being broken into with alarming frequency, and sooner or later, it will likely happen to you. When that happens, you need to have quality surveillance so that the authorities can quickly apprehend the offender(s). Homeowners are already taking action to protect their homes and families. A common trend lately has been the purchase of inexpensive security cameras such as the LifeGuard 360 Security Bulb. This is a light bulb that acts as a camera to watch over the interior or exterior of your home. It does so while providing all the illumination you’d want from an ordinary light bulb. This convenience means it’s no wonder why the Life Guard 360 Security Bulb has become the popular new security item. To claim yours, click any surrounding button for the lowest LifeGuard 360 Cost available online!

The LifeGuard 360 Bulb is a new design, built in response to consumer concerns about traditional surveillance camera models. Depending on your home’s design and where you want surveillance, it can be difficult to install such a device. But, everyone’s got plenty of light bulb sockets available. And, you don’t have to sacrifice the light source the bulb(s) currently occupying the socket(s) offer, either. The LifeGuard 360 Camera is also a fully functional light bulb in its own right. And, even when not illuminated—in the dead of night—it captures hi-def, 360° night vision footage. No other device on the market beats, or even matches the innovative, newbie-friendly design of this camera. And, the best part is right now, you can still snag an incredible deal online. The banner below will direct you to where you’ll find that limited time LifeGuard 360 Price!LifeGuard 360 Reviews

LifeGuard 360 Reviews

When a product becomes as popular as this one, it’s rare that you find an offer this good. But, if you doubt why it’s so popular, all you need to do is check out the LifeGuard 360 Reviews! Take Lamar James for example. He says the following: “This is far from the first security camera I’ve picked up. And, over the years I’ve figured out a number of lifehacks that help me install them pretty much anywhere. Now, though, I can more or less forget these techniques. Because, putting this one up is literally the same as screwing in a light bulb. I’m not going to say this is the best camera on the market; I’ll let you decide on that. But, if you’re looking for something easy to install and use, look no further.”

Bryce Howard echoes this positive sentiment. “I’d been on a search for some time, to find a security camera that meets my needs. Here’s the problem: the place where I’d want to install it is a load-bearing wall. But, not far from this location is a light socket that I’ve not even been using much. I put this LifeGuard 360 Security Camera there, and now I get excellent footage of the premises when I’m away. It alerts my phone when it senses human activity, so I feel safe and secure at night now. An A+ design, and my vote for Gadget of the Year!”

Thomas Patton sums it up nicely. “The best security camera available right now. Period.”

With such high praise coming from existing users, can there be any doubt that we’re onto something here? When it comes to finding the best LifeGuard 360 Price, we know we are! Click any button above to take advantage of this unique offer we found!

Key Selling Points:

  • Works With Any Light Bulb Socket
  • Tracks And Records Human Movement
  • Encodes Stored Footage For Authorized Use
  • Delivers Voiced Communication: “Friend Or Foe?”
  • Optimized For Nighttime Visibility
  • Surveillance Like The Security Pros Use!

What Makes This Model Unique?

We don’t know how familiar you are with security cameras and how they work. That’s why we’re writing this with the assumption that you’re new. What you should know going in, is that installing and operating a security camera isn’t always easy. And, the traditional models often demand a subscription fee to host footage in the cloud. But, when it comes to the Life Guard 360 Security Bulb, all you need is an SD card. It connects to your wifi, delivering real-time surveillance to your phone via a free companion app. This means you can see what’s going on from anywhere in the world, so long as you remembered your phone. This convenience, coupled with that of the installation’s simplicity, are what have made this model the top selection among consumers.

The Smart Homeowner Puts Safety First!

The LifeGuard 360 is called such because it could literally save your life in the months and years to come. You want your family and possessions to be safe, and now you can do so on a budget. Put aside the headache you’d expect from complex setup and operation. This device is the easiest way to keep tabs on your property. If you’re ready to order one or more for your home, click any button above right now!